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Monster Truck

1998 Chevy pickup built on a 1997 monster truck frame (old school frame).
In 2002 the truck was called Wild Child Truck was redone in 2003 and became Super Heeby.
Painted by Mike Grims Truck wreck specialist.
Engine built by Dave Weller.
Engine is a Chevy big block 454. Puts out 900 horsepower.
Engine runs on racing fuel –gets 451 feet per gallon.
Tires are 66 inches tall, 42 inches wide and weigh 1200 lbs.
Truck is 13’3” wide, 12’8” tall, 30’ long.
Weighs about 10,000 lbs.
Truck with the small transportation tires is 10’2”in height.
Crushes cars on weekends and appears at shows throughout the year.

When it is not out at appearances, Heeby’s Surplus shows it in the parking lot for all to see and take
pictures with. Call to make sure it is at the store.

Monster Truck